Generate basic high level information. To view a list of the files installed and actions taken by the Client Setup process, open the psinstal. This parameter sets the number of blank Microsoft Excel characters that PeopleSoft Query Link places between query output columns. The instructions to fix this in the message probably won’t be available to you anymore in newer versions of PeopleTools. If multiple users will sign in to the workstation, you may need to set these options once for each user using the Profile feature. The PeopleTools development environment runs on a supported version of Windows.

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Choose a name that’s intuitive for your site.

Must begin with init Must end with the extension. Select to convert and shrink images to fit your selected database platform limit, as shown pekplesoft the Image Size Limit field. Here, sqlsource is the name of the data source that you specified while creating the ODBC data source. Click to import previously saved configurations on another workstation. Restart the listener service after making these modifications.

Enter the parent directory that holds your cache file directories. Select to specify whether the standard out or standard error of the child COBOL process is directed to a file.

You can specify a free-form connect string that allows a client to connect instaloing another application server in case another is either down or being used to full capacity. Enter the location of PeopleSoft Data Mover log files. Specifies the path to SQC files. Use this setting to identify problems that are intermittent and hard to predict.


Installing Crystal Reports locally results in improved performance; over instalilng slow network connection, the improvement is significant. You can manually set the default window size by specifying width and height values.

Understanding How to Run Client Setup

These profiles are not to be confused with PeopleSoft security user profiles. Click Test Connection to verify the connection details. Development workstations can access the PeopleSoft system using both two-tier and three-tier connections. The default window size is pixels by pixels. If this check box is not selected, the Client Setup process creates or updates settings in the registry, but it doesn’t set up the PeopleSoft 8 program group or install local DLLs.

The connect ID edit box must contain a value, or the user can’t sign in to the system in a two-tier environment. Use the Display tab to installng the appearance of the PeopleSoft graphical user interface. For example, you could enter The term “user profiles” is used here to refer to user configurations for a workstation.

Navigate to the directory containing the appropriate configuration file, select the file, and click Open. Find out what you can do. However, each database and application server must be assigned to only one profile. Jnstalling default setting is US English. Once you instal,ing the data, you can perform data profiling to correct anomalies, and then transform the data according to your requirements by using mappings.


When you click Set, your application server information is displayed in the grid at the top of the dialog box.

peoplesoft admin dba: crystal installation in peoplesoft

Delimit the Data in the Excel File Optional If you want to delimit the data to be imported from the Excel file, then define a name for the range of data being sourced: Once connected, you can import metadata and load data. With this approach, you specify multiple application servers, and each pepolesoft picks a server randomly. In the Language drop-down list box, specify which language you want to display on your PeopleSoft pages.

Do not select it in a production environment.

This check box affects the Enter key on the numeric keypad, but not the Enter key on the main keyboard. Specifies the locations of Crystal Reports executables and the default location for reports generated using PeopleSoft Query. If you later want to install or uninstall shortcuts, you can always run Client Setup again.

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