For additional ServicePac information, visit: IBM is not responsible for photographic or typographic errors. To print, click Print. IBM reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice. Maintenance Service ThinkPad EasyServ is an on-site courier pickup and delivery, depot repair service in which the ThinkPad system is picked up at the customer’s location and delivered to an IBM-designated repair location. Check with your telephone and Internet service providers for availability.

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For more information, visit: PC cards that do not support the power management function may cause the shorter battery operation hours. On the left side of the page, click Hints and Tips. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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modeem This wireless LAN product is designed to permit legal operation worldwide in regions in which it is approved. If IBM has technical service agreements with the manufacturers of the failing part, or if the failing part is an accommodations part a part with an IBM FRU labelIBM may also source and replace the failing parts at no additional charge.

During the warranty period, warranty service upgrade provides an enhanced level of service for an additional charge.

The maximum temperature when the system is on is linearly decreased from 8, ft to 10, ft. All cables are included in the shipment group. Intel, Celeron, and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation.


IBM Lenovo ThinkPad R40 Bluetooth Modem Module BMDC200

Hydravision software is free and preloaded as disabled. Operation on channels 12 through 14 is not permitted in all regulatory regions of the world. This battery fits in the same location as the main battery.

Scroll down to Data Sheets and then to the ThinkPad notebook that you want information about. These parts are to be serviced during the IBM warranty period.

An optional second HDD adapter is required. Warranty Service Upgrades and Maintenance Services: To print the data sheet, click Print. IBM does not warrant these products. Operating systems other than those preinstalled on the systems may not provide full-feature functionality. For additional information about supported environments, refer to the Physical Specifications section.

Programs included with this product are licensed under the terms and conditions of the License Agreements that are shipped with the system. The recovery software is always available for quick, remote recovery of the IBM preload software image. Thinkpadd Canada, call Keep the original f40 carton for shipping to the repair location.

Thhinkpad Software Compatibility IBM tests a large number of commonly used and available applications for compatibility with its ThinkPad systems using supporting operating systems and configurations.


The descriptions of these programs were obtained modsm information made available by these companies to the general public. ThinkPad EasyServ is an on-site courier pickup and delivery, depot repair service in which the ThinkPad system is picked up at the customer’s location and delivered to an IBM-designated repair location.

IBM ThinkPad R40 Notebook Windows 98, , XP Drivers, Software | Notebook Drivers

This product has been tested and certified to be interoperable by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance thinkpwd is authorized to carry the Wi-Fi logo. Reseller prices may vary. Controls and latches operable with one hand and minimal dexterity Keys discernible by touch without activating them Ports and connectors for connection of industry-standard devices.

Easy-open cover with smart latches: Extensive search facilities are provided, as well as payment options via credit card. If you currently subscribe to PNS, you automatically receive notifications by e-mail.

When used properly in standard business environments, a ThinkPad system should be a reliable computing asset for many years. IBM Business Partners can order marketing collateral at: Some repairs may require the use of ThinkPad EasyServ.

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