Because I do a lot of work at a desk and it is a desktop replacement I bought a separate keyboard. Praises The pros far out-weight the cons here. But obviously, depending on tasks performed, it will be different. Dell claims it is excellent on large networks. Not so with my Dell.

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I have never, however, tested it from full to empty. A little background — the big thing for a college student these days is to buy a nice x810 after high school graduation and before college. Now to the touchpad and buttons.

Dell Latitude D Review (pics, specs)

I bought this laptop with performance in mind. Dell Latitude D keyboard and touchpad view view larger image. I have it for three years with a three year complete latirude it idiot-proofs the thing in case I do something obscenely stupid. This does happen to me albeit rarely and can be an annoyance, but nothing huge. Dell D power button and volume controls view larger image Bottom line, solid in this category with a few minor annoyances.

Speakers Quite simply great speakers.

Although I have had problems with Dell desktops in the past, so far the D has been fantastic. As far as durability goes, the case feels very sturdy — there is very little give and the screen is well-protected.


A wise investment would be a spare lattitude. Because I do a lot of work del, a desk and it is a desktop replacement I bought a separate keyboard. As far as weight is concerned, the computer is meant to be a desktop replacement, but can still able to be carried around on occasion. It is an excellent laptop. Generally I find free pre-installed software somewhat useless.

Customer Service I have not used the customer service yet because I have not had problems that I am not able to deal with on my jic.

It is incredibly clear, very sharp and bright. The touchpad is well-made and works well. The rest are regular screen resolutions and consequently, if you try one of these, everything is stretched out.

After discovering that very few notebooks on the market offered the gigabit Ethernet I turned towards Dell. Visit our network of sites: Dell Latitude D keyboard and touchpad view view larger image Edll to the touchpad and buttons. I also bought the A speakers, a port replicator which is very convenient at my deskthe Dell optical mouse, and separate keyboard.

Dell Latitude D810 laptop network card drivers

Nothing to write home about. The program Super Pi forces the processor to calculate Pi to a selected number of digits of accuracy. Dell Latitude D front side view view larger latitudw. As you can see in the pictures, it is a very plane, unexciting notebook. The lack of external media buttons is a drag, but then again, this notebook is geared towards the business sector.


Dell Latitude D810 Review (pics, specs)

Bottom line, this super-high-end computer is powerful, but even a high-end one would be very respectable. Dell Latitude D closed above view view larger image.

I now try to use the upper buttons because they seem to be more durable. They said nothing of it being so small. The computer also has an infrared port, but again, I have not used it yet. I am a college student and bought the Dell Latitude D mostly as a powerful desktop replacement, but also to be portable enough to carry it around campus when needed.

A few dfll see above latitudd, but they can be forgiven. No dead pixels from what I can see and perfect backlighting.

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