At the moment it also comes bundled with nik Color Efex Pro 2. Be the first to review this item. Given my recent foray into large format printing, I needed to dig into the old junk drawer and excavate my Spyder2 Color Calibrator to profile my monitor. Its elegant software design assists you, step by step, through each custom paper profile you want to create. I may not need to upgrade to the spyder3 but I may do it to get control of monitor color temperature. Notify me of new comments via email.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Turns out my iMac monitor was a bit too bright. This product is very well priced and should a part of every photographers equipment. It never was difficult to use, but the attention paid to interface design in the new software is welcome. Now to do my laptop — this had not been very good at all with the old Spyder — but colorgision I never use the laptop for critical work.

Most of my photographic work is not so colour critical, so the default ,2. It’s perfect for people who just need a correct color profile for their monitor.

A response from DataColor support confirmed this suspicion. Open Source Display Calibration.

I only wish I had gotten the step up to have more control over calibration results. This website uses cookies to enable certain functionality.


Note — — The range has been further extended, but the Spyder 2 Pro is still a worthwhile bit of kit, and very good value for money. Pardon me Im new to all. Notify me of new comments via email. April 11, at 9: The process was not difficult to follow, and there are numerous help screens available at most stages.

If that mobile device has colorvsiion web browser without color management you can use DisplayCAL remote measurement for this task.

Is Spyder2 any good in 2018?

Why don’t my prints match my screen? I do sublimation printing mostly for sports apparel using Epson and Epson and sometimes to get a certain color it takes me days. This site uses cookies. Feature matrix updated Mar. Spyder2 Advanced Monitor Calibration System Award-winning Spyder2 Colorimeter The state-of-the-art Optical Science incorporated in the Spyder2 colorimeter provides a five-fold increase in color sensitivity over previous technology with a patent-protected light baffle for accurate characterization of LCD displays.

For example, this gets more important if you are using special lighting for proofing, and need to work to much higher levels of accuracy. I forgot to answer.

Getting the DataColor Spyder 2 to work with Mac OS X 10.8

If you want to hide the User Library again, you could go back to Terminal and run the command line. Comprehensive Calibration Wizard Easy-to-Use Calibration Wizard with comprehensive help guides colorvisioj through the entire calibration process and the unique before and after viewing feature lets you compare your display with and without calibration.


Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Is it up for the task? It worked better than I had hoped.

Is Spyder2 any good in ? | DisplayCAL

Many of my pictures were printing dark and muddy before calibration. The dispCalGUI is much more complex than the push-button Spyder app but, you have many more levels of control and options to choose from. Hopes rose anew when I read that I could use the slightly newer Spyder3Express software to run my older Spyder 2 device.

Sorry, there was a problem creating the profile. March 25, at 6: After running the checks, the software shows the PDI test image available here and allows you to see the difference that your new settings have made.

A short colorcision showing why there is more to getting your prints to match your screen, than just calibrating your monitor.

I tend to use the three machines for quite different uses and rarely at the same location.

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