Pictures from our tests. From driving 6″ lags to removing stripped out screws I have had no problems. A few reviewers stated they were disappointed that the tool did not come with a belt clip, although a couple others stated theirs did, so if a belt clip is important, verify it is included. Incredibly short charge time and lots of power to get the job done. That is less than the competitor but it is what you would expect from a battery that is half the size of the others!

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That being said, 1.

Hands down the best cordless drill I have used. Bottom line — Less work time — but less weight — you decide what you prefer! The compact Makita BTd felt very good in our hands while driving the bolts into the wood. The results were — 54 hex bolts placed in 1 charge!

I recommend it to anyone and with free shipping I have free shipping with amazon prime this product was well worth it The use of smaller lighter batteries helps bring the impact driver to a feather weight but sacrifices the work time of the tool — thankfully the smart charger brings the battery back to life very fast and when having an additional battery the short work time is no issue.

The quick-charging, long-lasting batteries were also a big hit with the reviewers. I found the 15 minutes charge to be very useful when managing the job It Drives 4″ screws with ease. In addition to weighing less than three pounds, this impact driver features a glow-in-the-dark bumper ring to make it easier to locate in the dark and an LED light to light up any workspace.


Makita Cordless Impact Driver

Great for both men and Women with small hands, with problems in the hands and joint! While the rated torque of in-lbs is slightly lower than the Makita BTDyou would be hard pressed to notice a difference.

Do yourself a favor and purchase the bit holder that attaches to the base of the handle opposite of droll belt clip and you have the perfect tool in hand reach with extra bits. People who have tried the new compact cordless impact driver from Makita are pleased with its fast battery charge time and comment that the battery lasts for several days of moderate to heavy use.

Makita USA – Product Details -BTDHW

With these specs the Makita finished the job in 3: The four pole motor of this Makita cordless drill provides maximum torque of 1, in. Makita provides a 3 year warranty on all of their handheld tools including the BTD! Skip to main content. The compact LiOn battery make the tool lighter but by doing that they sacrifice the working time.

With good power and list of extra features, it would make anyone a happy owner. Awesome tool for work or home!

The tool is versatile and can accept older version 18V batteries. Both comments and trackbacks are currently closed.

Excellent price for a rebuilt drill. The bit always stays seated in the screw head, too, with no stripping, even while driving the screw below the surface. The batteries are quickly recharged. Although the smaller dimensions of the handle and tool, it felt very good and amazingly comfortable to hold, handle and work with. The BTD looks and feels rather small and when held in our hands we were wondering miiita this tool can deliver what Makita has promised.


You can use the Makita BTDHW for a variety of applications like fastening screws, tightening down lag bolts, drilling holes, etc. If you are in the market for a cordless drill, I highly recommend this product. The makita impact cordless drill is powerful, durable, lightweight, easy to use and did I mention powerful Click here to go to Amazon.

Many users have purchased this tool because friends or coworkers have recommended it, which indicates that this is a high-quality, reliable product.

This thing is light weight, For most of the jobs I do, I don’t need the added power of the larger units and the lighter weight and size makes it more manageable and controlled. With two batteries included in drilo kit, it is possible to have the Makita running non-stop if needed.

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