It also supports Chassis Intrusion via a special switch, which is sold separately. SiSoft Sandra Standard Version Voltage selection is adjusted by using a series of four jumpers close to the CPU. Buying a motherboard made by a manufacturer like Asus is also a plus as new BIOS updates will always be available, unlike many smaller PC component companies, and its wide use in the overclocking community ensures support is available from all levels. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.

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ASUS A7V – motherboard – ATX – Slot A – KT133 Series

The larger board size means that all necessary connections are nicely laid out and in well thought of locations. Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. Buying a motherboard made by a manufacturer like Asus is also a plus as new BIOS updates will always be available, unlike many smaller PC component companies, and its wide use in the overclocking community ensures support is available from all levels.

The connector, being positioned just along the edge of the first DIMM slot, doesn’t get in the way of much and it is a better location than we’ve seen others place it; however, ABIT’s “along the edge” positioning would be even more desirable.

After setting up Windows 98 Second Edition, and all necessary drivers and Detonator 6.

Memory benchmarks are to expected as the memory is only running at mhz and its Generic memory as well. If need be, ASUS could theoretically easily replace the VRM module it’s not plugged into a socket, so you would have to de-solder the connections before removing the board with a quick RMA back to the factory, but then again, we’re not sure if this was what ASUS had in mind. Assus haven’t asuz an immediate need for including thermal compound in this vee and it doesn’t affect stability as far as we know, so we didn’t count against ASUS for not including it.


It proved to be very stable in testing and also in day-to-day usage. If you remember, the release of the K7M wasn’t as clean cut as most of ASUS’ earlier motherboard launches, simply because the company’s close ties to Intel made releasing an AMD based motherboard for use with the AMD Athlon far from the best way to maintain a healthy relationship with Intel.

Being on a riser board means that a large heat sink or other cooling devices can be fitted onto the board without fear of lack of space. Memory bus operates at MHz or MHz. I used a small drop of heat transfer compound to aid the heat sink in its duties.

I had read a lot of reviews before parting with my hard earned cash, and the seemed to offer the best overclocking potential.

It holds all of the necessary voltage regulating capacitors that create a stable voltage for the chip. Asus has recognised the needs of the most extreme Overclockers by including drilled holes on the PCB where heavy duty cooling equipment can be physically bolted onto the board in safe locations.

External Connectors – Asus A7V-VE Quick Start Manual [Page 12]

To overclock a Socket A processor, the multiplier bridges must be unlocked, and this can be done using the pencil trick, or, it is possible to purchase specially unlocked processors, which have been made multiplier free.

An instant winner in our eyes, the CUSL2 took the same chipset that every other motherboard manufacturer was equipped with, and managed to produce a motherboard that was more impressive than any other design based on that chipset. The stability it gave during benchmarking and still does.

A little bit of case modding later resulted in correct placing of riser supports to mount the motherboard on. Since their cautious entry into the Athlon motherboard asuus, ASUS has become much more comfortable with releasing boards that support AMD’s flagship. Aa7v high price compared to other Socket A motherboards. As the A7V is used in aasus day-to-day system, the stability is a very important factor to me.


Review: ASUS A7V – Mainboard –

Click to find out more. The inclusion of an AMR slot and onboard Audio features mean that this board is not only geared for the overclocking community, but also for OEM manufactures who like to use boards with many onboard features to keep the cost down.

The A7V is definitely the motherboard to get if you have an Unlocked Duron or Thunderbird Athlon processors as it will allow you to get maximum performance from your hardware. There are four drilled holes, one in each corner of the Socket A.

A mod has been done where the voltage range has been shifted upwards to about 2. Any company can copy a reference design; a good manufacturer improves upon it. This way maximum system stability is achieved and a processor can be overclocked at the same time. This design is essential for newer and faster generations of chips that generate a lot of heat, and this has proved to be the best way to get z7v of it.

Therefore a standard heat sink and q7v combo will be insufficient for overclocking. The Socket A package follows the latest trend in processor designs, with the CPU core exposed on the top of the chip, thus allowing a heat sink plate to fit flush against the core.

SiSoft Sandra Standard Version The A7V is a very competent motherboard, with a host of impressive features. The Asus was one of the first Socket A motherboards to be released, and appears to have many advantages over its rivals.

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