Qobuz announces US pricing plan, will Tidal feel the heat? Create new account Request new password. Unfortunately I was not able to pass the M1 DAC kHz data for the reasons stated in the review so I cannot speak to any audible difference between that and lower resolutions. Toslink seems to favor attack or edges over harmonic density whereas USB adds back some weight with less edge. Recording of October In particular I was listening to Marie-Luise Hinrichs supremely lovely piano rendition of Padre Antonio Soler’s Sonatas [EMI Classics 5 2 7] and I noticed that the further up her right hand played, the more mechanical the piano’s notes sounded. Related Latest Reviews Recommended.

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Rectification, filtering, switching, more filtering 3. For its very modest asking price when released, you got a lotta DAC for the money. I’ll certainly ask the question. I would love to hear MF’s take on the issue. Don Lavry article Submitted by dtc on January 20, – 7: Alternatively, you may already have one and be looking to improve its performance.

Musical Fidelity | M1DAC DAC

I bet some would describe the Toslink input as being more accurate. The fidelityy supply also has a trademark Musical Fidelity design trait: Especially for those listeners musicap revel in large-scale complex music, I would say this hyper-clean approach imparts a heady feel to music, an intellectual verve if you will.


Quick of Tempo Distribution, the exclusive North American importer for Musical Fidelity and others, an email asking for a brief executive overview of their reasons for umsical Meanwhile, save your money and run with the M1. The upgrades have given her more air, more oomph and a more relaxed and musical sound. Submitted by treb74 on July 25, – But with the M1 is looks like the KHz signals doesn’t do that.

Mains input and filters 2. Aurender N10 preview and a lack of subtlety.

Unfortunately not yet… Submitted by Michael Lavorgna on January 4, – For Expressive, detailed and dynamic presentation Ample socketry Robust build. Aqua La Voce S3 Discrete arrival.

The Wavelength Proton added more perceived body overall and a larger sense of ficelity and drama which also came with a slight darkening of the overall sonic picture. Naim Uniti Atom sits pretty. PS Audio Stellar three-fer. Go for it, they sound great out of the box, very capable.

Musical Fidelity M1 DAC Upgrade

The Best Jazz Albums of The M1 DAC features four digital inputs: The M1s ability to unravel musical complexities is musicwl pleasure to partake in and perhaps one of its most compelling features. Fit and finish are very good. Recording of January Music Albums of the Year.


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Dac Musical Fidelity M1

I mention this albeit subtle difference because it highlights and perhaps exaggerates the character of the M1’s Toslink input in that it tends to fidflity incisiveness which can impart a spotlit quality to some upper frequency information and a leaner feel to music overall. The M1 DAC offers a choice of outputs: A comparison review of two DACs.

Favorite Sound Munich High End While upsampling is nothing new, I thought it worth a brief explanation so I sent John R. This attempts to minimise the chances of any jitter getting through and troubling the audio signal.

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