The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Instead of snapping off, it slides up slightly before releasing. Design With its silver-rimmed face and thick black body, the Flipside most closely resembles the Motorola Backflip. You’ll also find Bluetooth 2. You can save contacts to groups and pair them with a photo and one of 12 polyphonic ringtones for caller ID. We like the keyboard proportions, but the texture reminds us of cat tongues. In addition to syncing your contacts, calendar, and, Gmail inbox, the phone also offers to source its contact photos from one of the social networks you’ve credentialed, like Facebook or Twitter.

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On the left is the Micro-USB charging port. Visit manufacturer site for details.

Ever since Motorola branded itself as omtorola big producer of Android smartphones, we’ve seen the models pour out. Along with other Motoblur phones, the Flipside will prompt you to enter credentials for a new or existing Motoblur account, followed by your Google account, and offer a chance to log in to Facebook, Twitter, and many more social networks and services. The Flipside is the motorloa of the bunch, and also the most blockishly utilitarian.

Removing the cover could be more intuitive, though. In addition, Motorola lets you link related entries, perhaps for siblings, close friends, or a couple.


Motorola FLIPSIDE MB508

We’re not huge fans of the busy social media icons and widgets that load by default on Motorola’s Android skin, but we welcome all seven digital home screens. Motorola continues the Flipside’s no-nonsense design in the rest of the smartphone’s external hardware.

Beneath the back cover is a microSD card slot capable of housing 32GB external memory, but Moto gets you started with 2GB already installed. Review Sections Review Specs.

Features The Motorola Flipside certainly won’t wow you with its looks, and the same is true of its features.

Though we had no problems getting around, the Flipside’s onscreen navigation controls and icons are notably petite; we generally find 3. It doesn’t break any molds, stylewise.

blluetooth Best Phones for Some of these apps may be useful to new Flipside owners right out of the gate, but other apps duplicate innate Android functionality, and seem to us like a waste. That is, if you can look past the troublesome call quality. Much of the Flipside turns out to be standard Motorola and Android fare, but there is an interesting hardware design element: Instead of the Backflip’s reverse flip design, however, the Flipside is a traditional slider.

Although the Flipside feels rather blocky in the hand, it fits just fine on the ear. Still, it remains a capable Android phone that offers plenty of services for the casual and intermediate user. We like the keyboard proportions, but the texture reminds us of cat tongues. The Motorola Flipside is a bit thick and heavy.


We’ve changed, we promise. The keyboard contributes much density, sure, but we’ve flispide seen slimmer slider models. Instead of snapping off, it slides up slightly before releasing.

Motorola Flipside (AT&T) review: Motorola Flipside (AT&T) – CNET

There’s very little style and no flourish. The Note 9 is a terrific phone, but Samsung is clearly holding back for We appreciate the camera’s post-production editing options. Instead you get a stocky phone that’s 4.

As for its looks, at best they’re regulation: The Android smartphone is hobbled by poor call quality. The Flipside’s QWERTY keyboard may be stylistically uninspired, but its proportions provide roominess without extraneous width, and the raised, matte keys are easy to get around on. That makes it a sharp display capable of handling Motorola’s updated Motoblur interface read more here.

The Pixel 3’s camera already makes it a standout — but useful Flupside software elevates Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted The mobile world might finally get exciting again in

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