Overall I would not call one DAC better than the other, I’m sure other people would, rather they offer differing presentations that each have their pluses and minuses. I love space 3d and details so i was thinking to favor the mytek. We need to explore the limits of the possible. Playback Designs Sonoma Series: It’s a subtle difference but in some ways it’s a nutshell definition of high end: If you generally find digital reproduction to be harsh and unnaturally edgy, the Young DAC may be the choice for you.

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A comparison review of two DACs.

I love space 3d and details so i was thinking to favor the m2twch. All images contained in this review are the property of High Fidelity or M2Tech.

M2Tech Young DAC- £1, – Outboard DACs

It follows up a tight leading edge with a well-resolved and neutral body and decay to a 2mtech and manages at the same time to keep detail clear and open. It’s a subtle difference but in some ways it’s a nutshell definition of high end: Bonus Recording of November We need to explore the limits of the possible.

Those USB receivers by today’s standards usually sound bad because they are characterized by very high jitter. Enjoyed the review Submitted by volvic on May 7, – 8: I wondered if the difference in interconnects had caused the difference in bass response, but then I remembered that my Purist Audio Design Venustas interconnects have sterling bass response.

Indeed, this proved perhaps the most successful of the group in producing a real sense of space around the performers, while keeping images stable as the music ebbs and flows overall. Italian manufacturer M2Tech has expanded the envelope considerably, however, by offering USB-connected sample rates up to kHz and support for bit digital words into the bargain.


M2Tech Young DAC and Palmer Power Supply (TAS 223)

What’s more, at typical UK internet connection speeds you’d have to leave a download running all night to get a couple of hours’ material. This means that a full three octaves of frequency response is now, in principle, available above CD’s regular m2tch limit.

And the Young ran entirely cool. The left button powers on the supply connecting the battery to AC, and the right button turns the DC output on and off, allowing you to prevent battery drain when the attached DAC or ADC is not in use.

The one feature I wished the Palmer had is some sort of display that indicates the battery’s charge level. Fortunately other ypung beside Wavelength quickly took the lead and introduced their own advanced solutions. In fact, a handful of chips offer this possibility and we first saw it employed in m2yech Cambridge Audio Azur C CD player, which rather impressively has kHz upsampling built-in.

SoundStage! Hi-Fi | – M2Tech Young Digital-to-Audio Converter

Perhaps because of that, one listener found male voices a little underwhelming. The Young has proven itself to be everything you described, and has brought a new level of musical enjoyment to me. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a DAC that can youhg relatively deeply into detail while keeping a firm grip on the entire sonic picture, the Mytek may be more to your liking.

Prying off the four small, black rubber feet on the bottom reveals four Phillips-head screws; remove these to easily slide out the electronics and front- and rear-panel assemblies. That, in fact, is the fanciest part of the Young DAC’s internal technology and in day-to-day terms the part that most clearly marks it out from the competition.


There are a lot of good DACs around, but few of them really stand out on technical grounds. Now and then, in recordings which really plumb the depths, we were convinced we missed just a little clarity of pitch in the bass. Again, its small size, roughly 8″ square and 2″ high, makes it suitable for desktop use or for people with limited space. It produced a sweeter, more relaxed sound than the M2Tech, with more tonal color and detail.

It won’t be the last, either. The Young DAC ran cool to the touch even after being left powered on for days on end. If we have any criticism, it’s of the very low bass.

Six Suites for Viola Solo. With those, it sounded delightful, with a smooth response, beautiful tonal reproduction, and lots of detail. Because the Young was young — er, new — I had to break it in.

I’m a beginner in this area and I was wondering, since I happen to have one at home, if this DAC could be used as an audio interface connecting midi controlled etc. Thanks for this Submitted by JadenKrosis on August 20, – 9: I find the Young DSD’s aluminum wrapped looks understated and attractive and its small form factor makes it a candidate for desktop use.

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