Highlight your LG phone from the list of modems and enter the appropriate phone number to dial for tethering services. Each short message is up to characters in length when Latin alphabets are used, and 70 characters in length when non-Latin alphabets such as Arabic and Chinese are used. What do I need to do? To me this is almoust the same phone as LG KE Do you know how I can use my multimedia?

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Enter the numeric code using your phone’s keypad to sync the two devices. However, just then I got an sms whilst my phone was in its ‘open’ position and I could read my message straight away by clicking on the ‘yes’ option for reading it now. Wait for the data to completely transfer before disconnecting your LG cell phone. I have downloaded the LG Sync software and everything on that end is good, I have my phone set to “data service”.

I dont have other problems like other peoples here have. Older technologies will become cheaper as newer technologies are introduced to the global market. Choose a video to embed. If you’ve got this working, I’m wondering what’s different about your setup.


LG KE970 Shine

If you use data syncing software you only need to download it. After a small investigation I’ve found that the USB driver wasn’t install. About the Author Bennett Gavrish is an I. I just ran the setup and it worked imediatly C: This is by far the worst phone I have ever bought.

A Consuming Experience: LG Shine phone: manual, software download

Gavrish received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Boston University. I tried on few computers and every time is the same story. I am really angry about this. I’ve had mine about 5 months and out of hte blue, the screen has got black lines all over it. Went and bought a new battery still nothing. From what I can tell online, everyone’s waiting for some kind of solution But a simple question: What do I need to do?

I got the same problem! How do you I connect my LG cookie to the omdem on my mac computer? This phone is great, i’ve had it nearly a year.

General Packet Radio Service GPRS enabled networks offer ‘always-on’, high capacity, internet-based content and packet-based data services. Split and merge into it. Just to let you know that I’m going to be dealing with all comments on LG posts, both Shine and Chocolate, in one go soon – hopefully this weekend when I’ll have some time to tackle the masses I’ve been getting on these subjects.


Everything is working fine. I can’t send or recieve multimedia messages. Thanx, terry Newcastle, UK. How do you connect to the internet on my mobile?

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. The R icon at the top of your screen actually means that you are using a Roaming Service on your network.

You cannot connect to a wireless internet with a lg viewty. Plug the usb cable to the phone and to your PC, it should do anything or give any message if it does just cancel it for now.

Highlight your LG phone from the list of modems and enter the appropriate phone number to dial for tethering services.

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