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Options by IBM: IBM Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse — dpi — PS/2 & USB

Some of the earlier ScrollPoint Pros suffer from misaligned buttons at the assembly process which results in a click response that isn’t as crisp and slightly spongy. The original ScrollPoints used a “cat’s tongue” TrackPoint cap: Speed is controlled based on the pressure applied for continuous-dynamic scrolling; this reduces the strain on the finger caused by standard scroll wheels and also allows the user to adjust the speed on a variable basis not fixed to a set interval at any given time.

It appears there have been two manufacturers for the Slate Blue plastic bezels as the colour can vary from bim more blue ib purple. Prices are subject to change without notice.

IBM ScrollPoint (31P7405) Mouse

They came in two colours: They should have done more research when choosing the name. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.


It’s a black Pro with side button and glowing blue light. Various online sellers and auctions will generally have ScrollPoint mice available in bulk. When you’re replacing the ScrollPoint LED, ensure the replacement has sufficiently long leads to go inside the spacer. Disassembling the ScrollPoint mechanism itself reveals the pads which sense the resistance when compressed, along with the patent number for the technology on the back which doesn’t seem to be an IBM patent:.

Refer to the IBM Web site at: Search for specific manufacturers, categories, location or by the name of a service provider. It’s impossible to purchase this mouse new unless you can find new old stock.

Availability ScrollPoint mice generally go under the radar as not too many people are acute to them. I bet it does even to non-English speakers. Windows 7 automatically detects it without drivers; and I find it to be fine without any customization.

Options by IBM: IBM Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse — 800 dpi — PS/2 & USB

The mouse with the wheels can scrolpoint little difficult to use especially when you are looking for precise navigation. For general questions related to the use of your options, fee-based support is available.

The scrolling on it is very poorly implemented, I much prefer a mouse with a scroll wheel. Fixing the divot on the button plastic. I miss the Lavender.


After in extensive use the microswitch will cut the plastic of either left or right clickable buttons and the thumb button if you use that frequently. Metallic Black Connector Style: Apple Magic Mouse 2 – Silver I wonder how similar the Lenovo ones are Found x and y relative axes [ It appears to have three different sensitivities in the vertical axis so that if you push gently, it scrolls slowly, then speeds up as scroll;oint push harder up or down.

Some minor changes need scrollpiont be scrollpiint, either the tabs on the optical base or the older silver top need to be cut. Antique Sage and Slate Blue. I haven’t seen such a stylish IBM product before and probably never will again.

IBM – 31P : IBM Optical Scrollpoint Mouse

scrollpoiht The ScrollPoint pointing stick is ideal for both horizontal and vertical scrolling, unlike standard wheel mice. That’s very interesting as even some laser mice I tested could not work very well on transparent surfaces; dispelling the whole optical vs. You can always change your theme. This mouse will not give away very easily.

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