It should be like a small tab you can move on the side of the card. If you mean some password u setup for windows itself, search for help on the Xda forums… link can be found in the comments above. Can someone help me to install yahoo messenger in HTC touch? Windows phone 7 theme need at least windows mobile 6. If you have windows-mobile Still not big enough:

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I suppose its good enough to make use of a few of your concepts!!

25 free softwares for HTC Touch or any Windows Mobile phone

It could record outgoing and incoming calls automatically. Regarding the memory problem, it really pisses me off too. The OS in my phone is Win Mobile 6. Hi, I got the Touch couple of days back.

They also are not labled as a download. Thanks for you big help!

htc p3450 download, free htc p3450 download.

Nice work Alfred as being a great htc fraek first I thought I have did a mistake of buying it but now its my life. Thats the easiest way. My SIM is full, ytc I want to store most of them instead of deleting them. If this work, plz come back and comment on this thread.


25 free software for HTC Touch or any Windows Mobile 6 phone

Is there a crack for opera mobile 8. My HTC touch detects the connection and also connects to it. Having trouble watching youtube or web based video, any suggestions as to the best way to do so. Again check xda forums. It always reboots whenever it gtc into the hibernating mode. I have probs with wi-fi using my HTC Touch.

Viraj There is a technique to move files from the phone to memory card. It gives you approximately 5. Subscribe via email Enter your email address: Posted by nikunj gandhi softwxre Still not big enough: You can ask this question on the xda forums, they will know everything related to these phones.

Can someone help me to install yahoo messenger in HTC touch? Rotating the screen to a landscape position is perfect for taking high colour photos using the 2 Megapixel camera. Softare phone has very low memory, which means install many programs even on mem card and u end up with a very slow phone.


Softwares for htc p Free Download

Every software mentioned here works on the Touch cause I am using all of them!!! This is Nik Gandhi.

You want a really good player that can play most codecs, there is only Core Player. Thanks,articles are well written, but Is the video converter really easy to use?

Hope you guys like the list, do add any other software you know about in the comments. Im trying to configure bsnl broadband wi-fi on my touch but have been unsuccessful so far: PocketPicture — It is a free graphic editor. SIM Contacts are available.

Unless ofc you were careless enough to accept bluetooth files. Divx Player — Allows playing Divx sofhware videos. You need to check the quality of the Wifi Connection.

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