The phone showed bars of connectivity and did this at home and at work. The replacement combo lcd with touch for Eten glofiish M comes with manufacturing defect warranty and the shipping is done in secured packing to make sure you get the product in perfect shape. A notch above expectation. Unfortunately, my phone only came with two plugs: In our own battery test, we asked the device to play music continuously from a microSD card after first fully charging the battery, and forcing the screen to stay on throughout. If someone called me, the phone would ring, but when I answered it, I would hear nothing on the other end.

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See the Windows Mobile 6.

It also adds a taskbar! Nor can you play the radio through the device’s gpofiish speaker. Sitting in the centre of the touch buttons is a mini-joystick for navigating around the screen that’s small and rather fiddly to use.

E-TEN Glofiish M800

Not the end of the world, but again, just not quite as zippy and responsive as I wanted. Orders Replacement Requests Wish list Track my order s. Moreover, the phone has Wifi more on that later so I can still get Internet at hot spots, such as my house, at work, Starbucks, etc.

If someone called me, the phone would ring, but when I answered it, I would hear nothing on the other end. The Glofiish M is an update of the M, and comes complete with slide-out keyboard. Make sure you are ordering the correct part for your handset. Jsb were two issues that drove me nuts and both were very un-windows-like. No one flaw would have been enough to reject it, but the numerous small issues added up really quickly to a very frustrating experience.


And every time you brush them accidentally as you flofiish, slide the phone open, put the phone in the carrying case, or admire some other phone, they delightfully glow and immediately open up whatever process is going to be most CPU intensive and inconvenient to run at that moment.

However, the touch-sensitive buttons on the front are a serious design error, as they interfere with usability to the point of annoyance. Scrolling and animations tend to be twitchy probably due to the lack of graphics accelerationthere are no fancy effects on the phone like the iPhone has and nothing is pretty.

You can connect the phone to your computer using Microsoft ActiveSync, which worked reasonably well to let you sync your calendar, email, install software and transfer files. The slot is difficult to access when either the mains power or the PC sync cable is in the mini-USB port, as the cable obscures the hinged rubber cover.

LCD with Touch Screen for Eten glofiish M – White by

And the more things you have open, the worse it gets. I had limited experience with Windows Mobile before using this phone and can say that the 6. The keyboard slides out from the left edge. In addition, by tapping the Home key you can access a 3×3 grid of applications and settings among whose options glfoiish the ability to switch the display between landscape and portrait orientations, glofish the camera flash as a torch and switch profiles.

No one of the issues above was a game breaker. I used it with TomTom 6 and the results were fairly pleasant: Actual product can be different from the product shown. Unfortunately, a couple times while using the phone, I did not notice that the Wifi was off to save batteries and I started to browse the web. Performance The m has a Mhz processor, which is a pretty good work horse. Well, the phone falls just short of expectations in just about everything.


Suddenly, the screen would refresh, and the network I was trying to connect to would be gone. You can augment this with microSD cards: It’s jam-packed with features, but we do have one serious problem with the hardware design.

They lack tactile feedback, and it’s not always clear that you’ve hit the selected button successfully. This could go on for several iterations before an actual connection was established… or the phone was sailing through the air. The result is a slow experience that only gets slower.

When I did turn caps lock on, the glogiish would shut off. This is an absolute must have. It offers significantly more screen real estate than the average smart phone which is qvga and provides a great experience when web browsing, navigating via gps, writing blofiish, etc.

As I mentioned in the performance section, there are precious few system resources k800 work with as it is, so wasting them on programs you thought were closed is unacceptable.

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