It could be possible you have to re-install Windows. Know its limitations and be happy! But what you see in windows device manager is related to the WDM driver the one pulled from the windows driverstore the generic low latency ASIO driver is a separate Steinberg driver and does not display itself here. Forums Posts Latest Posts. I chose the latter because I was a bit panicked. Asio4all is another way of doing the same never use these hacks for any serious work In other words ASIO is a separate audio system that talks directly to the hardware. Intel Core i7 K 4.

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View More Photo Galleries. You can see if this works for you. What I’ve encountered is that I can make it work if I uninstall all other asio drivers. I don’t think you need to uninstall any of the drivers you do not use?

Know its limitations and be happy! We followed recommendations in another forum to remove a couple of registry entries, and consequently fixed the Sonar problem. I had to drastically increase the buffer size for M-Audio to almost avoid them.

If the above procedure does not work it could be that case. Note that “problems” was not obvious.

So – Every time you do an update you have to copy that directory back in c: I recently performed a clean installation of Cubase on my Windows 10 workstation and immediately experienced failures. My conclusion from the story: That’s the reason I always back-up my registery settings, before changing anything.


Sherman Oaks, CA Status: Asio4all is another way of doing the same never use these hacks for any serious work In other words ASIO is a separate audio system that talks directly to the hardware.

How to Uninstall Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver –

Can you supply an uninstaller? Nashville Telecaster, Bass, etc. As an audio professional who relies on his workstation every day, I can’t afford to ignore this and simply hope things don’t fail later on. A list of keys to delete manually? Device Manager displays incorrect drivers for my audio devices see image, below Cakewalk Sonar fails to load projects With help from my audio card manufacturer’s Lynx AES16 support, we discovered that the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver was responsible for at least some and perhaps all of the trouble.

ASIO USB Audio Driver? | Cakewalk Forums

Like I also said it’s about the same conundrum as the discussion yeneric to the effect that having the nVidia Hi Definiton audio driver onboard causes. That’s how seriously I consider registry problems and overall system reliability.

But since you ask about “interfere” and personal “trouble with it”, yes I had it once. Any assistance is appreciated. There are many other references to the Generic driver in the registry, but I don’t dare touch them for fear of corrupting the registry and the OS.


This is not win7 where you see the audio card in device manager. You should note I started with “I think”. Midisport 4×4, Quadra Thru Steiny Suff: Then, for test and really as a prove that nothing bad can happened The advantages to having proper low latency ASIO drivers, as well as the ability to record with your microphones or guitars using a proper preamp are priceless.

That said, if you where doing some registery changes, it is possible us broke some things.

Installing ASIO4All USB ASIO Driver in a Windows PC

Now – Here is the reason you must make a back-up of that Asio directory. At most it might require an uninstall and a reinstall of other true ASIO drivers I would like to eliminate my audio interface and use this set of speakers for our DAW activities: It seems to run fine with playback using virtual instruments or audio only using the internal Realtek audio chip.

Essentials Only Full Version. ksb

Another potential problem with ASIO is that an app cannot have more than one driver open.

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