What is the meaning of each item in the IGBT data sheet? The dead-time needs to be set so that it is generally longer than the switching time of the IGBT t off max. Is there a recommended thermal grease that should be used? We do not sell stencil masks but we can provide a mask drawing that corresponds to the relevant package. What is the difference between T j max and T j op? What is the junction temperature T j?

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This leads to a compact main circuit design. Does C ies show temperature dependence?

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The word describes an electronic device’s capability and performance against surrounding interference, and it is also called immunity. An IPM is a module product, based on a 3-phase inverter circuit with a control IC that contains a gate driving circuit and other protection circuits.

SiC devices are the focus of attention as next-generation semiconductors that offer superior characteristics in areas such as high withstand-voltage, high-temperature, and high-frequency operations. How do I get a sample? These technologies made it possible to use a thinner silicon wafer which leads to a lower on-voltage, reduced switching losses, and improved switching speed control, compared to Fuji’s 5th generation IGBT U-series IGBT.


How can we reduce conductive noise? A higher frequency will increase the switching loss, leading to a problem with the junction temperature. Can IGBT modules ibgt used in parallel? Some IGBT module models can be connected in parallel, while other models cannot.

What is the meaning of each item in the IGBT data sheet?

It can also calculate loss and temperature under variable inverter operation conditions such as output current and switching frequency. It stands for I nsulated Iggbt ate B ipolar T ransistor. A modul provides thermal and electrical contact as well as the electrical insulation maintained between the heat-radiation surface and the electric part.

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Yate there any quality difference between products made in Japan and those made overseas? It is an indispensable component in a power conversion circuit for high-voltage and large-current applications. What does PIM mean? It excludes the module’s built-in R G int. Special press and press-in tools are required. The word describes the negative effect caused on peripheral equipment by an electronic device, and it is also called emission.

How can we reduce radiation noise? How do I store semiconductor devices? The following illustrates an example of how to measure case temperature T c.

Fuji IGBTs – Semiconductors

NTC N egative T emperature C oefficient Thermistor is an electronic component gqte resistance decreases while the temperature increases. It stands for I ntelligent P ower M odule. The time required for the assembly process is reduced as connection is completed by pressing an IGBT module over PCB’s through-hole and applying pressure from the base side. How do I verify the authenticity of products I have purchased online, etc.?


Avoid soldering under excessive temperature. Please measure at the main terminal of the product.

IGBT Modules

Please contact us with a model type number if it is not shown in the 6th-generation data sheet or if it is ight product prior to the 6th-generation U-series, S-series. How do I estimate the junction temperature T j? It has environmentally friendly modules with easy assemblage, solder-free options, and RoHS compliance.

PIM is a product that integrates a 3-phase converter circuit, brake circuit, and 3-phase inverter circuit into a single module. Refer to the technical information describing temperature dependency included in the technical documents under Design Support. There are two types of noise: What is a NTC?

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