I have reported the “known vehicle” 3 times to DVLA and nothing has been done. To help us improve GOV. Contact your local council, they’ll deal with it. Its a worthless piece of s te so very unlikely its ‘in the trade’. Have you thought about siphoning the fuel from it? Would definitely recommend to anyone selling their number plate.

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Its classed as on the road. They phoned me back an hour later impressive to advise that although the car is not taxed or insured, it’s regisered keeper’s address is n he same street that the car is sitting on.

Next port of call is local police station – I now have a bee in my bonnet about this!! Don’t forget the marshmallows. I don’t think I’m “lashing back” to suggest that if the owner couldn’t give stuff about the law or ubinsured just doing the right thing when it comes to car tax and insurance he’s hardly likely to be a member of the IAM is he? You will not be able to report the vehicle without these details.


Is your car your pride and joy, or are you ready for a change? Very happy with the service received, from agreeing a price to actually being paid – which was just over a week. Have you thought about siphoning the fuel from it? Well 2 steps forward, one step back. Ford Fiesta ST review – brilliant in every way. Sat 28 Jan DVLA were unwilling to give me any information whatsoever although the last time I called they acknowledged that they already had a previous notification of it presumably mine Is there any way I can follow this up to establish why no obvious action has been taken?


So either he has removed the clamp himself and moved into driveway or he has somehow or other managed to get DVLA to remove clamp – could he go straight to SORN from being clamped?

What were you doing? Police don’t seem interesting in much these days. CoolHands Original Poster 8, posts months. Just sold a registration number through National Numbers.

How to anonymously report an untaxed vehicle to DVLA

Like setting off a burglar alarm, waiting to see if anything happens, then going in and clearing the place. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience.

Other articles in this section: Toggle navigation Search box. Your report is anonymous and will be investigated. Mon 30 Mar I don’t condone unisurned drivers they cost us all a fortune! So, who is responsible for dealing with vehicles like this? They might like the revenue.

Skip to main content. What were you doing? There are two vehicles parked at the rear of uninsued house that have non of the above. I have even reported it to my local council as an abandoned car, i know it has only been there for just over 48hrs but past experience tells me this will be driven in its current state or it is actually abandoned.


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Easy and uncomplicated transaction and money was paid into my account very quickly. To uuninsured back over 12 months 18 months 24 months 30 months 36 months 42 months 48 months 54 months 60 months. I reported one such car to the police to be told ” its not a priority”, i replied ” you’re right but when it gets vandalized and set alight it will be”.

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