When adding indexes to tables you use far more disk space for your data. FreeBSD’s default MTA user is ‘mailnull’ FreeBSD’s default delivery agent also changes its uid, and so in order to call it, dspam must be installed as setuid root to work on the commandline properly. Retrieved from ” http: Send a short email 10 words or less to the account, and pick it up using your favorite mail client. The tokens will be represented as bit values, for example:.

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It is also far less volatile than mydql TEFT mode of training. This can alternatively be changed in dspam. This is now required. Because of this, DSPAM will automatically install and run setuid root so that it can read each user’s home directory.

Static and dynamic libraries are built in the.

Debian — Error

As a result, users don’t have to be trained to ‘bounce’ messages around, and administrators don’t have to worry about incompatible mail clients. If you need the performance when pruning data and can afford to use the extra disk space then add the indexes and change your prune script as vspam above.

On a properly configured system, many users experience results between The signature is stored with each user’s own user id, and so not only does the incoming message have to bear a valid signature, but it also has to be stored on the dxpam with the correct user id.


If neither of the easy ways are possible, you’re stuck with doing it the hard way.

If you wish to build only one driver, but dynamically, then specify it twice as in:. For example, an untrusted user cannot set their DSPAM username to any name other than their username. The MTA user will require:. You can download PostgreSQL from http: This is the user your web server most likely Apache is running as.

You ddspam wish to only run certain cleaning modes depending on the type of storage driver you are using.

To avoid dulling down statistics at all during the training loop, set this to 0. If you are upgrading from v3.

Optimizing DSPAM + MySQL 4.1

The default preferences are used for any users who have not yet set their own preferences. You should corpus train before using tum. Once you’ve configured the Web UI, you’ll want to edit the ‘admins’ file to contain a list of users who are permitted to use the administration suite.

On top of this, the purging defaults are very lax.

Dsoam would be a good time to set the system’s default preferences. Never use this on production builds! Specifying an age of zero will delete all unused tokens in the category. This can be used to view the entire contents of a user’s dictionary, or used in combination with grep to view a subset of data.


This is also convenient in that you can set up authentication using almost any existing system you have. If you are willing to sacrifice accuracy for disk space, disabling the ‘chain’ tokenizer from dspam.

Switching… » Setting up the MySQL database for DSPAM

If you plan on leaving DSPAM’s logging function enabled, and would like to produce pretty graphs for your users, the graph. Local non-privileged users should be able to use DSPAM without any problems while remaining untrusted, as long as they behave. Musql an alternative root prefix for installation. Specify an alternative log directory.

RPM resource dspam-mysql(x86-64)

Using this option will set the active signature and will also forego reading of stdin. Therefore, only use this option if you will not be using the Web UI or plan on doing something asinine like running it as root. Instead of working off of a list of “rules” to identify spam, DSPAM’s probabilistic engine examines the content of each message and learns what type of content the user deems as spam or nonspam.

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