This documentation is for Dovecot v2. So I removed all blank lines from cert file and this fixed the error. For a user database, you need to set also uid, gid and preferably also home see VirtualUsers. Thanks to etckeeper, I had the possibility to make a diff. But even then I can imagine that further index and cache files may get in your way.

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When trying to run: Note that if you’re using separate user and domain fields, a common problem is that you’re returning only the “user” field from the database.

They can be kept accessible. After installing postfixadmin, and making the changes suggested in comment https: Reply Hi Christian, I followed the complete tutorial doveckt it seems to work pretty good so far mail is working, roundcube is working my mail is even considered normal not spam and I can send and receive mail using roundcube.

Es ist erschreckend, wie oft sich der Teufel im Detail versteckt. Calling ps ax grep dovecot shows:. And you can even use folders shared between users. Return success, don’t continue to the next userdb.


Prefetch User Database

This is what has to be entered:. This documentation is for Dovecot v2. Arguments for the userdb backend. If anyone has ideas on what might be wrong, please advise!

Sage userb — ich kenne deine Situation: So, jetzt ist der Dampf raus…! However I needed to make it visible to organize the chapter. This is the directory where Dovecot will look for the emails of a specific user. Egal… Schluss mit dem Perfektionismus.

However, my mail server has been run for 5 months without issues as such. Disconnected no auth attempts in 1 secs: Reply i reboot server and is ok Reply Hello!

Allows you to specify the default password scheme.

Ubuntu Manpage: doveadm-user – Perform a user lookup in Dovecot’s userdbs

Thank you for commenting. If you are unsure what I mean with “local” domain then please re-read this page.

userrdb It must return a field named “password”. Empty startup greeting localhost: This is done by this magical line in the dovecot.


But we want to use the MySQL database backend so go ahead and change this block to: It is also a bit faster since it avoids doing the userdb SQL query. Mittlerweile laufen mehrere Mail-Server basierend auf deinen Tutorial. Eine Tasse Kaffee musste her — ich glaube, ich hatte ein Time out, einen Buffer over run, einen blue Screen nein, nur keine Fenstersoftware.

I’m still working on it and the Dovecot page is yet just copy-paste from the previous version.


Each one uses different args. Thanks for your interest and motivation. The userdb backend name args: Some folks on the Internet suggest to add the following line: However, now I want to bind my mail account to outlook.

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