When you do things right, people won’t be sure that you have done anything at all. All recordings have a. Even with this change the card currently will not tune unless placed in DVB-S2 mode first using szap, even if the channel you want is DVB-S Can someone please recheck this and report, stating driver version etc? Talon , Fri Dec 28, 7: Interactively type channel names in the terminal to tune to each one.

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Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter http: The Files above are from this package CD. Not yet get driver. Originally Posted by fromaron.

China Azurewave/Twinhan Satellite TV with DVB-S2 PCI Card (AD-SP) – China Azurewave, Twinhan

I also needed additional delays in Myth to get the rotor moving correctly. Hope this is what you are looking for. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: DigitalTV provides all the features that you would expect: Aurewave has been fixed in the liplianin-s2 driver see this patch http: Whilst it is encouraging that Twinhan bothered to put a Linux driver on their website, it is almost useless to end users.

You may have to check device options after having selected it, to enable DiSEqC and other specific switches. Drivers should be found on the CD, that obviously came with your tuner. I just had a thought, abod. The only way to bring up a list is to use the ‘favourites’, which merely shows all available channels; you can’t define your own custom list.


But you can’t tell the program to search only for FTA channels. I don’t give support by e-mail or PM. Originally Posted by abod. But it is possible to ‘uncheck’, from a channel configuration menu, the services that are of no interest to you.

Overall, though, particularly sensitivity-wise, the AD-SP is as good as most other PC tuners – which is to say not quite as good as a standalone receiver. azhrewave

Why don’t you go back to the seller and get a replacement? Some preliminary work on this has been reported, and locking has been reported to be better than the multiproto driver, see http: To cure this, we had to go to the MCE setup menu and ‘uncheck’ the digital terrestrial tuner that was also present in the test PC.

The DigitalTV application could be more intuitive to use, making use of onscreen symbols rather than written descriptions. The MCE patch initially refused to work, ‘no signal’ being reported whenever we tried selecting a azurfwave.

Azurewave/Twinhan Satellite TV with DVB-S2 PCI Card (AD-SP400)

It also offers no open-source CI support. For processors which are not fast enough to decode Dvb-s22. Fortunately, a ‘patch’ to get round this is included. The mantis tree has been updated to support the subsystem IDs of the SkyStar HD2, manual changes to the tree are no longer needed to get the card recognised at boot time.


Twinhan Azurewave DVB-S2 AD-SP400 Satellite TV Tuner

There’s also picture-in-picture, but unless you have a second tuner installed then the other item being viewed must be a recording. The move to European hi-def satellite broadcasting – and DVB-S2 – has paved the way for a variety of products able to receive this new generation of services.

Addressing me personally in any exotic language will be treated as severe insulting!

Against Navigation could be improved MCE ‘patch’ flaky. However some problems were reported: The accompanying DigitalTV application could be more user-friendly but is well-featured. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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