It is a poor design to lump the USB ports together, which means no easy access for thumbdrives and such. Note that both hands are required to open as there are two latches on either edge at the front, probably due to the placement of the webcam. They did not have a better deal during a recent PC show here, so I figured the price is more or less fixed and went to bargain for freebies with the retailer instead. The integrated webcam was also pivotal in my choice of notebook. That’s no miracle, probably the test sample had already been on numerous desks. It is too flimsy and thin for my liking, providing just adequate protection at best and not much space to put anything else.

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I settled on this model about a month ago because of the graphics card — I play a fair amount of games, though not exactly hardcore level. Touchpad can be easily disabled if you use a mouse and the Power button is for, well powering your notebook on and off.

The total volume is sufficient. Nevertheless, the surface does cga seem to be particularly scratch-proof.

Asus A A6j Reviews – Online Shopping Asus A A6j Reviews on | Alibaba Group

This model is not exactly dirt cheap but value for money in my opinion, considering its specs and build quality. The Power4Gear which allows customization of power profiles and quick change of profiles and LiveUpdate which updates your default notebook software are fine though, performing as they should.


Comparatively high heat emissions and therefore also noise emissions are quite negative features. Fortunately there is a third-party software at http: The memory card slot has a solid spring action, and is protected by a dummy card. Asuz, the Hotkey software does not allow customization of software.

Asus A6J Review (pics, specs)

Note that the email indicator works with only Microsoft Outlook. Before Notebookcheck was founded, I worked as a developer of bookkeeping software.

The keys are sufficiently large and are characterised by a pleasant easily fitting with springs pressurewhich is accompanied by a quiet clicking noise. Compared with my Pentium 4 2.

Laptop Drivers: Asus A A6J Drivers For Windows XP

The optical drive is as noisy as any other I have used, and I can never understand why. One of the pull w6000 for me. The Power4Gear is for choosing the power level you want the notebook to run at, Email for accessing the default email client, and Internet Browser similarly as well whichever program is set as default in your WindowsXP.

Altogether four USB 2.

In fact, mine came with Windows XP home! The 4 USB and the monitor exits are positioned on the back, the remainder is at the right side in the rear range.

I have yet to try out the customer support, and am hoping that I would not need them! If you can overlook all the mentioned disadvantages as I have, I would fully and sincerely recommend this product. The stability of viewing angles is good in the horizontal range and sufficient in the vertical range. On the other hand, having used the laptop for about a month now, I am starting to see some slight wear on the cover, which may not be a good sign.


The tested Asus A6Ja convinced It is low-cost for its specs yet feels and looks expensive and performs well. It is a In the test of susceptibility for creation of streaks the level 6 could be achieved 6a000 the program Pixperan, aasus thereby is inconspicuously average. Also, it is unfortunate that the webcam cannot swivel, turn nor zoom, so basically aa6j can only see the user, some background and not much else.

This time reviewed by us: We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. After switching on the Asus A6J the very first action was the deactivation of the selected screensaver, which particularly got on our nerves due to sound playback. The mAh lithium ions battery only results in average runtimes.

Again, they look good, but are not so good to use, requiring some effort to press due to their size. To summarize, the A6J is not a business notebook as touted, except for its looks. The display cover in the left lower x6j is likewise somewhat wobbly. The battery performance is nothing to shout about at all.

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