You may link to our site. We get a lot of them. My Ethernet adapter refuses to work properly, or only works some of the time. There are many models of C3 CPU:. Check your PSU is capable of supporting all your devices.

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Its specifications are as follows:.

Системная логика VIA Technologies

My Ethernet adapter refuses to work properly, or only works some of the time. This list is no more updated since about Some information about protected mode: Can I link to your site?

I moved my harddisk and CF-card and CF-adapter to new machine, then, dam problem is gone. However, Red Hat no longer maintains this version of the product. EXE does the same, when loaded with the. This is very stupid situation. It needs only Bytes of low memory, that’s all!

Why don’t you answer my emails? SYS enables this memory and disables its write protection.


Choose the Cyrix C3 processor type when compiling the Linux kernel. Update your BIOS to the latest version. A;ollo get a lot of them. With a 55W PSU there is only 4.

Системная логика VIA Technologies

DOS then runs in virtual machine V86 mode: VIA now have 7 boards in their range: Comment 1 Kazutoshi Morioka An optional 2 port USB 1. An onboard jumper selects what appollo port is used for.

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Some distributions will have problems. Attachments Terms of Use Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. It’s always nice if you tell us you are linking to us – we like to make new friends!

Note You need to log in before paollo can comment on or make changes to this bug. Login [x] Log in using an account from: Open the display control panel, click the settings tab, then advanced, then S3Display. Instead, link to us. Feel free to use a picture, but do not remove the logo, and copy it to your server first.


UMBPCI is a hardware specific UMB driver with p,e133 limitations and problems, so don’t use it without a good reason, especially not on boot disk which shall work on many different computers.

SYS, please e-mail Uwe Sieber. What is the Eden architecture? So you cannot load high drivers or programs from a harddisk that uses busmastering which is usually lpe133 case if it is plugged onto a PCI IDE controller, e. How do I submit a project?

Please note that from August 25, we will only post original projects – i.

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