Booted to a live cd open a terminal and enter the commands: I’ll try to reproduce your environment and take a shot. RAID has been working for years, but I made ths mistake and now that disk cannot rejoin the raid. Set it to UEFI only. The time now is

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So I tried to install that Bookmarks Smd Digg del. Ok, I’m finally learning about “dmraid”. To discover how the raid set appears to your system and whether or not the raid 5 is supported, look at it from a live cd.

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I was reading a lot of documentation and it looks like it’s just better to go with software raid and linus the HW controller all together. I’ll see if Squeeze will play with that chipset later on.

And Windows is running on raid 5 now.

September 6th, 9. Lastly, thanks for chiming in. I trust Linux a lot more. I’ve found that some of the newer versions DO support the SB southbridge, but that the SB southbridge apparently was not supported as of mid A lot of what your describing can be solved with the AMD raid driver. Results 1 to 10 of But the other disk is offline because: SB Fake Raid not working That is one solution. Ok, I’ll try to find time to do that.


raid – How to fix missing RAID1 drive – Super User

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. I have the same question Show 2 Likes 2. Join Date Nov Beans 4.

Thing is, this isn’t a huge amount of resources, we’re talking about 0. September 6th, However, after restarting, I used ‘lsmod’ to check, but couldn’t find any ‘raid’ related module being loaded.

When your RAID controller starts an array, it basically writes a header to each drive, manages them and offers a logical block device. I need to do some additional research regarding the amount of resources mdadm or ZFS raif consume. It appears that the only raid chipsets which support level 5 in Linux are nvidia, isw intel and ddf1.

Need support on the AMD RAID driver for Linux U | Community

Amf don’t have JavaScript enabled. If you have questions on how to get this setup, reach out, watching many of you struggle with this is painful to watch. From your experience, is it something that can be estimated prior to build or is it always a case-by-case basis?


Not even sure that they care about open-sourcing the GPU drivers. I pulled my hair out over this for days until Rraid stumbled on the answer through trial and error. Does FakeRaid just not work on SB chipsets?

But the other disk is offline because:. So I shut down and put the power back in.

I want to rid the RAID1 mirror working again. Debian User Forums Skip to content. While I did set this up nearly 8 months ago, the big thing I found with this older version of Ubuntu was that the driver needed to be loaded in to the OS before you could make good progress.

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